Our restaurant

Our restaurant the "Kunie Kaa"

Open every day from 6.40am for the breakfast.

Continental breakfast buffet consisting of:
Hot drinks (coffee, tea, capuccino ...), fruit juices, fresh milk, cereales, baguettes, slided bread, biscotte (rusk bread), house cake, butter, jams, fruit compote and seasonal tropical fruit (mango, passion fruit...).

From 11.40am to 1.40pm for lunch

Our suggestions change everyday depending on what local producers have to offer. Our salad from 1650 and "plats du jours" (dish of the day) from 1900

From 7pm to 8pm for the dinner

Our "menu du chef" from 4500 (starter, dish and dessert), or other famous specialite such as the "Bulimes"(snails) of Kunié, lobster and king prawn caught on the day....

Don't forget to book your dinner before 11am for the lunch and 5pm for the dinner.


Gîte Nataiwatch
Baie de Kanumera
BP 26 98832
Iles des Pins
Tel: +687 46 11 13
Fax: +687 46 12 29

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