Our restaurant - The Kunie Kaa


From 6:45 am to 9:30 am every day.

Buffet continental consisting of:
Hot beverages (coffee, tea, hot chocolate, cappuccino...), fruit juices, fresh milk, cereals, baguettes, homemade brioches, toast, homemade cakes, butter, homemade seasonal jams, applesauce, fresh seasonal fruit salad.

1500 per adult and 750 per child under 12 years old.

Breakfast is included for all guests staying in the twin bungalows only.

All taxes included


Every day from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm
Don't forget to reserve your lunch in advance at the reception or by calling +687856547.

  • Before 11 am if you are having lunch at our restaurant.
  • Before 12 pm for takeaway lunches.


Every day from 6:30 pm to 8:15 pmDon't forget to reserve your dinner in advance at the reception or by calling +687856547.

  • Before 5 pm if you are having dinner at our restaurant.
  • Before 6 pm for takeaway dinners.


Menu Kunie Kaa​

  • Full Menu 5200
  • Starter + Main Course 4200
  • Main dish + Dessert 3600
  • Starter + Dessert 2700
  • Dessert 990
  • Main Course only 2700
  • Starter only 1800

All taxes included

Kid's menu

  • Main dish + Dessert 1600

All taxes included

Our Pizzas

  • Nataiwatch 2500

    Ham, cheese, tomatoes, olives, oregano

  • Oriental 2500

    Merguez, cheese, chorizo, tomatoes, olives, oregano

  • Bolognese 2500

    Beef, mozzarella, bacon, tomatoes, olives, oregano

  • 3 cheeses 2500

    Mozzarella, Emmental, goat cheese, blue cheese, tomatoes, oregano

  • Raclette 2600

    Raclette cheese, bacon, cream base, oregano

  • Prawn 2800

    Prawns, tomatoes, bacon, cheese

All taxes included

Takeaway Menu

All taxes included

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